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Types of Collateral. Lenders do not consider all collateral equal. Real estate, heavy equipment, stocks, bonds and certificates of deposit are all acceptable assets for securing a loan.

and sold our equity interest in Ernest (along with the repayment of all outstanding loans and accrued interest) for a net gain of approximately $720 million, as noted below: Sold two acute care.

collateral loans. Because they’re backed by collateral such as a savings account or share certificate, secured loans often offer lower interest rates. Find out more about each type of secured loan and contact us with any questions. share secured Loans.

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What Is collateral? updated nov 26, 2018. Collateral is property or other assets that a borrower offers a lender to secure a loan.The day all the loan is paid off by the borrower is the day the home will no longer be collateral, and the lender won’t have any rights to the asset.

Houston Federal Credit Union caters to smaller businesses and offers a multitude of loans that are tailored to meet the needs of your small business:. For eligible business loans, either the business headquarters or the loan collateral must be located with our trade area which is a 120 mile radius of any HFCU office. We do not offer start-up.

Houston First Time Home Buyer Grants do not come with any repayment or recapture period, nor is there a first-time homebuyer requirement. homes for Texas Heroes Program This initiative provides teachers, police and correctional officers, fire fighters and EMS personnel, and veterans with down payment assistance between 3 and 5 percent of the loan amount and a 30-year fixed.Rental Assistance Houston Houston Hope Program to verify if funds are available and their requirements for assistance.. houston. 2900 louisiana. 713-874-6590. rent, Utilities, Food, Counseling, Adoption,

Are you interested in securing a loan with your investments with HFCU? Your savings account or certificates of deposit may be used as collateral. These types of secured loans may be used for any purpose – giving you access to a quick approval process. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Law360, houston (september 7. a real estate developer and a law firm Thursday in Texas court, alleging that it is being cheated out of its interest in collateral securing a $22.5 million loan. The.

Personal loans from Smart Financial give our members the help with those unexpected expenses such as car repairs, CD Secured loans allow you to use your own funds as collateral for almost any purpose including. Houston, TX 77072.

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