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 · limits on credit cards for minors and young adults By: Helga Niesz, Principal Analyst You asked (1) if there are any legal limitations on credit extended to minors, specifically, limitations on bank credit card companies, and others regarding soliciting of minors for credit cards and (2) whether these limitations or prohibitions, if any, also apply to adults age 18 to 21.

This equates to a 50% credit utilization ratio, which can ding your credit scores since it is higher than the recommended 30% utilization rate. But if they raise your credit limit to $5,000, and you’re still only using $1,000, then your utilization ratio drops to 20%.

I pulled my credit report from true credit and they are not reporting my credit limit only the amount of the check I wrote for 2000 . Im worried about the effect this will have on my credit scores as I have worked so hard the last two years raising them.

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Need a credit card with a high limit but I have bad credit? My credit score is 506 and I am traveling to Germany but I need a credit card with at least a $2000 limit or more to pay for my airline tickets. Anonymous 5 years ago . 1. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down.

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Individual Credit Joint Credit credit limit request limit Increase Request Individual Credit: You must complete the Applicant section about yourself and the Other section about your spouse if: you live in or the property pledged as collateral is located in a community property state (AK, AZ, CA, ID, LA, NM, NV, TX, WA, WI);

Credit limits on credit cards Your credit card limit is the maximum amount of money you’re allowed to borrow on your credit card. For example, if your credit card limit is £2,000 and you’ve got an outstanding balance of £1,750, you can spend a further £250 before you reach your credit card limit.

One of the fastest ways a new credit card will help your score is by increasing your total available credit limit. Say you have one card with a $2,000 limit, and.

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